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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a wonderful activity you and your baby can enjoy together. As well as being fun, massage has many benefits:
* Touch releases Oxytocin (the love hormone) which promotes bonding and baby brain development
* Helps both parent and baby to relax
* Encourages baby to sleep longer and deeper (What parent who wouldnt want that?)
* Calms irritable babies
* Helps improve colic, wind and constipation
Although your baby need to be approx 10 weeks old before they can attend, this is our most popular course so we would recommend you are on the waiting list as soon as your baby has been registered with Surestart.
Once per term we run a class with a creche attached so parents who have a toddler as well as a baby do not miss out.

  • Suitable for:Parents with babies aged 10 weeks - 7 months approx.
  • Duration:5 X 1 hour sessions
  • Creche:No

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