SureStart Ards Advice

Weaning Advice

Weaning is the start of introducing solid foods to your baby’s diet and the recommendation is to start this around 6 months of age.

Many mums will start spoon feeding using baby rice mixed with breastmilk or formula but you could also try well-cooked vegetable or mashed fruit. Feed your baby when you are relaxed and not in a hurry.

After 6 months

  • Give some soft lumps in foods to encourage your baby to chew.
  • Meat and fish can be added to their diet and try to offer finger foods.
  • Try your baby with a feeding cup.

By 7 months

  • Your baby should be having 3 spoonfeeds a day, he will reduce the amount of milk he drinks but he still needs at least 16-20 ozs daily.
  • Allow your baby to eat with the rest of the family and try to give her the foods you are eating.
  • There is no need to change your baby’s formula as the first milks are adequate until your baby is ready for full cream cow’s milk at one year of age.

More information can be found in your Birth To Five book or use the links below: